BonneBouffe’s genesys by taste lovers !

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Are you looking for a genuine taste experience that will excite your taste buds?

BonneBouffe was created by passionate, strong willed gourmets, crusaders against the gray tasteless urban ambiance of today.


Our main mission : to defend tasty food and those who promote it!


We feature fresh, locally-grown, fruits, vegetables and meat proudly grown and raised in France by passionate dedicated local producers. We are driven to promote these quality products throughout France and the world, in accordance with our moral, environmental and human values.

This site will showcase the products of the hard working but little-publicized of masses of producers who continually raise the standards of quality and authenticity : not because it is trendy but because their value system requires it.

Our wish is these craftsmen should be able to offer their products directly to consumers and be rewarded at a fair price : one that is proportional to their love for their products.

Tasty products need to be defended in these days of continual attacks by a society in which bad taste is rampant. Indeed, many consider that a frozen pizza or a fast food sandwich makes a fine tasty meal! Our goal is to drive a taste revolution; to promote craft products; and to further values of respect for the environment, animals and people.

Our enemy : the uniform taste of factory-made products which sadly seem to match the declining taste discrimination of consumers better and better.


If 90% of restaurants in France serve industrial, frozen, canned or vacuum-packed food, it is because people keep eating it! Most appallingly, many of these restaurants are well-graded by social network fans and are full!
It’s time to put an end to this, we will fight with a new weapon of mass destruction : BonneBouffe

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